Standing out in any over-saturated business is always a challenge, yet for Hapilos, July 2018 Producer of the Month: Carlton Williams (Renigade) and Andre Edwards (Delomar) the latter has delivered success since their address was listed as apartment 19!

Renowned worldwide as Jamaica’s dynamic duo RDX, fans the dancehall stars aren’t necessarily cognizant that the pair are responsible for some of dancehall hit music delivered by such greats as Spice, I-Octane, QQ, Mr.Vegas among other names of their musical fraternity. Established in 2006, the label was created upon the pair’s returned to Jamaica following a stay in The U.S “Apartment 19 is actually the address where I use to live ” explained Carlton on the label’s name inspiration.

When we were in NY, we were revamping, we used to be known under a different name and we wanted a change, bring new things, new life to our growth. Since Andre was responsible for making beats for many artists, and built riddims like Chrome Riddim, Summer Bounce, Hula Hoop, and more. We decided why not do it for ourselves as well, so from that came “Dance”, our first hit under the official Apt 19 Music label “ further stated Andre.

Having success as entertainers does not necessarily equate to success as producers, but for Carlton and Andre, their formula was simple. Keep it authentically rooted in their dancehall roots which in turned translated into hit productions. “It’s kind of simple for us, we want to make music that we can dance to, so that’s how we approach each subject. Producing for Apt 19 Music, we figured out what works for us, I create the beats, and Delomar executes it” – related Carlton. “We created a legacy where artists look up to us, we have a string of hits that we produced, so most artists are eager to work with Apt 19. Actually they often like to work with artists that are producers because we speak the same language” – Andre

With an impressive discography boasting such hits as “Jump”, “Shake Your Bam Bam”, “LOL”, “Shellaz Riddim”, “Broad Out” and more, Carlton and Andre have earned deserving accolades, and cemented their names in dancehall history.

Having mastered both their artistry and producing aspects of their craft, the pair also understood the business sides of music, and have taken Apt 19 Music to the forefront of Dancehall. Through aggressive marketing, promotional, administrative support from digital distribution giants, 21st Hapilos Digital, Apt 19 Music has grown into an international hit filled label catering to dancehall lovers worldwide!




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