Promo Tips

Promotional Tips

  1. Promote Your Music Everywhere… Everyday!
  2. Know your audience. Target the wrong people and you’re wasting your time; they won’t listen.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spend money to promote your music. It takes money to make money.
  4. Use LIVE platform to engage fans (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)
  5. Have original content on your social media platforms, have them differ per platform. Putting the same messages out in the same way on different social networks is a waste of effort and isn’t very effective!
  6. Have contests to involve your fans and reward them with free music download or autographs, etc
  7. Email blast but DO NOT SPAM. Don’t just attach an mp3 and copy email addresses, take time to introduce your project and have a link to preview.
  8. Make sure the branding across your social profiles are consistent.
  9. Be sure to get videos of yourself up on all platforms. Fans love seeing visuals of you, allowing them to related to you more. Give fans sneak peeks of the music you are working on!
  10. Check out the #TrendingHashtags of the day and use them
  11. Thank people. The people that help you do what you do, from fans, groupies, roadies, event organizers, agents, bookers, venue staff, stage staff, drivers, producers, photographers, journalists – basically anyone who helps you – are doing it because they believe in you in some way.
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